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My approach weaves together...

Clinical Training

Formal training in the following therapeutic modalities: Internal Family Systems (IFS), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), and Motivational Interviewing (MI)

A Justice Orientation

A longstanding dedication to racial, social, gender, and climate justice

Somatic Practices

A lifetime of experience as a gymnast, dancer, and yoga practitioner/teacher

Artistic Framework

Creative practices emerging from growing up a child of visual artists, a career as a classical musician, and a lifelong study of dance


Guiding Principles

The therapeutic journey is co-created, responsive, and adaptive.  

You are the authority in your life, carrying the wisdom of your lived experience, culture, family history, and identities. My expertise in certain realms of therapy and my own life wisdom builds upon and is in support of yours.  


Our struggles have arisen for good reason.  

We are the result of intersecting, dynamic factors: our relationships, our identities, our context, and our biology. This includes the role that our identities interact with current and historical forces of oppression. Race, class, gender, and other identities have a direct bearing on ALL aspects of our overall health. An ongoing understanding of the complexities of our lives is fundamental to healing.  

All internal aspects of self are un-banishable.  

Though we may experience an enormous amount of self-judgment, self-blame, or shame, the healing journey is a road of connecting with all aspects of self, even those we most dislike.  


Diagnoses are imperfect but can be helpful. 

I only diagnose as needed – if it’s useful for you or necessary for insurance billing purposes. 

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