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Individual therapy for teens and young adults, ages 14-25

I support your ability to meet – and even thrive – in the chaotic and confusing complexities of life by meeting you where you are, exploring what feels right in the moment, and “moving at the speed of trust.” Trust in yourself, trust in me, and trust in the process. We creatively shape the therapeutic experience together, and it can look like this:

Talking, sharing, learning

Breathing, moving, doing yoga

Having longer or more frequent sessions

Meditating or engaging in mindfulness practices

Exploring different artistic practices

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My therapy practice is a welcoming space for people with diverse identities; I have extensive experience working with queer youth, BIPOC youth, and youth from first-generation families, amongst others.


If this feels right for you, get in touch.

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                              From a client ~

“Jovanina combines a unique flavor of incredible emotional intelligence with personal experience. She really understood where I was at and helped me make important shifts from a place of empathy. She worked with me in a way that felt like teamwork, while maintaining a strict sense of ethics that allowed for deeper trust in the relationship."

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Caregivers & Parents

"How will you help my child stop hurting?"

If you are a parent or caregiver and are reading this, then you are hoping to find help for your child or beloved young person. It can be so frightening to see a loved one hurting, and I know what a big decision it is to try to find the right person to help.


I’m here to give your child a place to explore what’s important in their lives and to talk about the things they can’t talk about anywhere else. More concretely, I teach them how to sort out and put into words the swirling, confusing, often overwhelming tangle of emotions and thoughts and body sensations. And as they better understand themselves, they are able to develop the skills needed to deal with their day-to-day experiences more healthfully, facing challenges with greater emotional regulation and improving their communications with important people in their lives.

For youth under 18, the therapeutic process is generally the same as with a young adult. I follow their lead and support their goals, and their individual work remains entirely within the confidential container of the therapeutic relationship, though I regularly provide a general report to parents of how things are going.


In some cases, caregiver or family sessions can be helpful even if the young person is my primary focus. These sessions can deepen understanding, improve communication, and identify family patterns, current or intergenerational.


If your young person is over 18, I work with them individually as an adult, unless they choose to involve their family (or others) in their therapeutic work.


Having your child or beloved young person enter into therapy might (ironically) cause you some discomfort. Below are some reasons why...

  • There is no quick fix. Your child is complex, their life is complex, and meaningful change takes time.

  • You will not know what your child is working on unless they tell you! Even worse, they might not even address the things you think are most essential, urgent, crucial.

  • Therapy can and should be empowering. This is theoretically wonderful unless the process emboldens your child in exactly areas you would like to see diminish.

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                              From a parent ~
"Jovanina is thoughtful, caring, and open-minded, exactly what one looks for in a therapist. She met our daughter where she was developmentally and helped us find the healthiest and happiest way to be a family—both when we are together and also when apart."



My fee is $185 per session and I accept only BlueCross BlueShield insurance at this time. 

I also work with clients on a sliding scale basis and can help with out-of-network reimbursement. 

Learn more ~

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